The Roncy Group


Roncy Group is a full service, boutique real estate group that is relationship and community focused. We go beyond the traditional model to support you at all stages of the buying and selling process. With over four decades between us as residents of Roncesvalles, we are deeply invested in the well-being of the neighbourhood we live and work in.

Operating throughout Toronto and the GTA, our agents have over 20 years of cumulative experience in the industry and come from diverse backgrounds that give us a vast and holistic capacity as a collective. From sales, to investments, to market expertise; trades, to design, to geographic and neighbourhood-specific knowledge — we’ve got it covered. No blindspots. Our three-person team ensures that there is always an answer to your question, and always someone available to you.

No matter your level of familiarity with the real estate world, we are here to facilitate the best experience possible. Whether you simply want a tough negotiator, or you are in need of some guidance and resources, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Chris Deru

Chris has over 10 years working in various sales environments in the GTA and has always exceeded all expectations. He knows what client satisfaction looks like. Having overseen 50+ transactions and over $32 million in real estate sales in his first 3 years as a full-time real estate consultant, he has a deep knowledge of the Toronto market, with a particular interest in the West End. He’s become a Toronto condo pro. Name a building and Chris will know its ins and outs — its character, potential, and investment value. His focus on fostering relationships means clients keep coming back to Chris for his transparency, responsiveness, and dedication to achieving their goals. He has lived in Roncesvalles for over six years.

Julian Scott

Julian has been buying and selling property for over 20 years. His background as an investor makes him our go-to for investment opportunities and advice. A resident of the neighbourhood for decades and a property owner himself, Julian has first-hand experience in buying and selling; tenancy law and relations; and renovations and property-flipping. He holds and manages a diverse portfolio of properties that vary in value, giving him a well-rounded and extensive expertise on all corners of the market.

Elliot Mccabe-Lokos

A proud lifelong Roncy resident, Elliot grew up on construction sites watching his father work as a contractor, and proceeded to work in film production design for several years. His experience in the trades world has armed him with an eye to discern a property’s value — how and when it was built, the quality of materials used, and what needs updating. With his intimate knowledge of interior design and his extensive network, Elliot is our resident expert when it comes to renovations. Whether you’re sprucing up to sell, or creating your new space, he is a valuable resource for maximizing livability, creating space-efficient floor plans, and cultivating a space that reflects your style. And he knows who to call to get the job done well. From plumbers, to electricians, to drywallers, Elliot’s well-vetted contacts are worth their weight in gold.